NB Gold Seal Recipients

Gold Seal LogoGold Seal Certification is a comprehensive certification program that demonstrates expertise, industry commitment and ensures that practitioners are ready to meet the demands of construction projects across the country.
Since 1991, the Gold Seal Certification program has been the industry’s most trusted, valued and reliable certification for the management of construction.

Today, more than 8,000 construction professionals have been recognized as Gold Seal Certified. Learn more about Gold Seal Certification and find the path to certification that’s right for you. If you are already certified, find out what you need to upgrade your credentials to Professional, Gold Seal Certified (P.GSC).

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Rodney Ackerman General Project Manager
Earl D. Affleck
Construction Safety Coordinator
Claude L. Albert Sheet Metal Project Manager
Joseph Albert Roadbuilding Superintendent
Roland J. Albert General Project Manager
Glendon G. Allaby Electrical Project Manager
Arthur Allain Roofing Project Manager
Jason R. Allain General Project Manager
Robert J. Allore Mechanical Project Manager
Bruce Anderson Mechanical Project Manager
George Anderson Electrical Project Manager
R. Brent Anderson General Project Manager
Jerry M. Arbeau General Project Manager
Brian E. Arbo
Construction Safety Coordinator
Cody Arnold
Construction Safety Coordinator
Paul Arseneau General Superintendent
John Albert Arseneault Mechanical Superintendent
Gerald Ashton Mechanical Superintendent
William R. Atkins Mechanical Project Manager
Lionel Aucoin

Allan Ayles Struct. Steel Estimator


Richard Babcock General Superintendent
Paul Joseph Babineau Carp/Res Floor Project Manager
Pat Bagley Electrical Project Manager
Kingsley Bailey General Superintendent
Joel Baker General Superintendent
Gary E. Barley Fire Protection Estimator
Daniel Basque General Project Manager
Daniel Basque General Project Manager
Raymond Basque General Project Manager
Zoel Basque Roadbuilding Project Manager
Debbie Bastien
Construction Safety Coordinator
Eric David Harold Beattie Roadbuilding Project Manager
Andre Beaulieu General Project Manager
Gaetan Beaulieu Mechanical Project Manager
Gaetan Beaulieu Mechanical Project Manager
Ronald J. Belliveau Sheet Metal Superintendent
Alban Benoit Electrical Superintendent
Denis L. Benoit Concrete Formwk Superintendent
Noel Benoit

James Bent General Superintendent
Raymond Berlinguette General Estimator
Luc Bernard Mechanical Project Manager
Robert L. Bernier Fencing/Guard Rail Project Manager
Joanne Betts
Construction Safety Coordinator
Gary R. Bigger General Superintendent
Baxter G. Billard Ind. Equipment Project Manager
Chris Billings Mechanical Project Manager
Terry Billings Mechanical Superintendent
Nick Ross Bird General Project Manager
Dale R. Bishop

Keaton Black

Claire Donald Blakney General Estimator
Carl E. Blanchard General Project Manager
Jason Michael Bland General Superintendent
Fred Blomsma General Superintendent
Roch Boucher Controls (Electrical/Mechanical) Estimator
Coral Boudreau Mechanical Insulation Estimator
Edward Boudreau General Superintendent
Hector J.A. Boudreau Electrical Estimator
Michael Boudreau Mechanical Project Manager
Paul R. Boudreau General Estimator
Rheal Joseph Boudreau General Superintendent
Robert J. Boudreau General Superintendent
Stanley Boudreau Instrumentation Superintendent
Theodule (Ted) Boudreau General Superintendent
Daniel Laurent Boulet Roadbuilding Superintendent
Jean-Guy Bourgeois General Project Manager
Luc Bourgeois General Project Manager
Jacques Bourgoin Specialty Trade Project Manager
Grant Bourque Mechanical Project Manager
Leonard Bourque Sheet Metal Project Manager
Peter Bourque General Estimator
Roger Bourque Sheet Metal Project Manager
Kenneth R. Bowser Mechanical Estimator
James H. Branch General Project Manager
Robert J. Breau Electrical Project Manager
Ben Breen

Harltey Brewer Electrical Superintendent
Jeff Brewer

Jean Brideau General Superintendent
Marc T. Brideau General Superintendent
Patric E. Brine Electrical Estimator
Andrew Brown Mechanical Project Manager
Richard H. Brown Mechanical Project Manager
Ernest Brun Mechanical Project Manager
Leon J. Brun Mechanical Estimator
Ronald Graham Buchanan General Superintendent
Paul Burke General Superintendent
John B. Byrne Mechanical Project Manager


Brian Cahill General Estimator
Roland J. Caissie Struct. Steel Superintendent
Stephen B. Calhoun Struct. Steel Superintendent
H. Frederick Cammack Electrical Project Manager
Colin M. Campbell Electrical Project Manager
Maurice S. Campbell Masonry Project Manager
Fernand Caron General Superintendent
Clinton Carr General Project Manager
David Carr

Michael Allan Carson General Estimator
Dennis W. Carter Electrical Superintendent
Paula Castonguay General Project Manager
Norman A. Chantler
Owner's Construction Manager
Brian Chevarie General Estimator
Claude Chiasson Roofing Project Manager
Jean Chiasson Ind. Equipment/Struc Steel Superintendent
Gary P. Clancy Air Balance and Comm Project Manager
Robert E. Clark General Superintendent
Robert M. Cleghorn Mechanical Estimator
Neil Clements
Construction Safety Coordinator
Walter Karl Cleveland Electrical Superintendent
J. Robert Clinch General Project Manager
Andre Comeau General Project Manager
Dale Comeau
Construction Safety Coordinator
Donald Comeau Roadbuilding Superintendent
Brian G. Constantine Electrical Superintendent
Edward Cook Electrical Superintendent
Irénée Cool Mechanical Project Manager
Piero Alessandro Corazza General Superintendent
Alvin Cormier Masonry Superintendent
Gerald Cormier Concrete Formwk Superintendent
Gilles V. Cormier Electrical Superintendent
Paul J. Cormier General Superintendent
Victor Cormier Millwork Superintendent
Yvon A. Cormier
Owner's Construction Manager
Jamie Cornell Specialty Trade Estimator
Paul Cote Roadbuilding Project Manager
Gilles J. Couturier General Estimator
Colin Crabbe General Project Manager
Robert H. Craft Controls(Elec/Mech) Project Manager
Wayne R. Crompton Electrical Superintendent
Eric Cummings Roadbuilding Project Manager
Joseph D. Cummings General Superintendent
Brian J. Cunningham Waterproofing Project Manager
Corey Curnew
Construction Safety Coordinator


Claude Daigle Sheet Metal Project Manager
George Joseph Claude Daigle Electrical Superintendent
Hilaire Daigle Electrical Superintendent
Terry J. Daley Fire Protection Project Manager
Robert Howard Davidson Mechanical Superintendent
Michael Day Roadbuilding Superintendent
G. Paul Dayton General Project Manager
George William Delaney Electrical Superintendent
W. Lorimer Demmings Refrigeration- A/C Superintendent
Durck A. Dewinter General Project Manager
Evariste Diotte General Project Manager
Frederick J. Dixon General Project Manager
Marc Frederick Dixon General Project Manager
Michael Dixon General Superintendent
Danny Dobbelsteyn Electrical Superintendent
Gerald M. Dobbelsteyn Electrical Superintendent
Joseph Frederick Dobbelsteyn Electrical Estimator
Michael Joseph Dobbelsteyn Electrical Estimator
Laurence Doiron
Construction Safety Coordinator
Rheal Doiron Sheet Metal Superintendent
Harold R. Dort Insulation Project Manager
Danica Doucet
Construction Safety Coordinator
Michel Doucet Electrical Superintendent
Bruce J. Dowd General Project Manager
William P. Dowling Mechanical Superintendent
Ryan Downe General Project Manager
Gilles Downing General Estimator
Claude Drapeau Electrical Project Manager
Arthur Norman Duffley General Project Manager
Euclide Dugas Electrical Project Manager
Serge Dugas Struct. Steel Project Manager
Abbey Duguay General Estimator
Arthur E. Duguay Masonry Project Manager
Jean-Paul Duguay Electrical Project Manager
Rejean A. Dumouchel Mechanical Superintendent
James Bradley Dunnett General Project Manager
Alexandre Dupuis

Alexandre Dupuis General Superintendent
Gretzky Dupuis General Superintendent
Danny Dutcher Roadbuilding Superintendent
Carl H.P. Dyker Masonry Project Manager


EAGLES Harold M. Road Building Estimator
EAGLES Harry W. Electrical Superintendent
EAGLES Stephen Edward General Project Manager
ERMEN Craig Andrew Electrical Estimator
ERMEN Ron Mechanical Project Manager

Kevin Farrer
Construction Safety Coordinator
Bruce Fillmore General Superintendent
Jack B. Fillmore Mechanical Superintendent
Terry A. Finlay Sheet Metal Superintendent
William J.A. Finlay Sheet Metal Project Manager
Terry Flanagan Electrical Project Manager
J. Timothy Flood General Project Manager
Timothy D. Flood General Project Manager
Hudson Fortune General Superintendent
Clarence Foulem General Project Manager
Jean Patrick Foulem General Project Manager
Roma Foulem Electrical Estimator
Daniel Fox General Superintendent
Norman W. Francis Electrical Estimator
Ghislain Frenette
Owner's Construction Manager
Eric Jacques Friolet
Construction Safety Coordinator
Jean-Guy Friolet General Superintendent
Jeremy A. Fry Electrical Project Manager
David Gerard Fudge Roofing Superintendent
Bernard Furlong Fire Protection Project Manager
Lee Furlong Sheet Metal Superintendent


David Gaddess

Paul Gagnon General Superintendent
Rodney Gallagher General Superintendent
Thomas L. Gallagher General Project Manager
Alyre Gallant Mechanical Project Manager
Stephane Gallant General Superintendent
John D. Gardner Electrical Estimator
Ivon J. Gaudet General Estimator
Florent Gauthier Struct. Steel Superintendent
Martin Gautreau General Superintendent
Rodrique J. Gautreau General Superintendent
Charles T. Gauvin General Estimator
Kevin A. Getson General Superintendent
Gerry P. Gildart General Project Manager
Clifford B. Giles Electrical Superintendent
Leigh Stewart Gilmore General Superintendent
Eric Gionet General Superintendent
Jean-Claude Gionet Mechanical Superintendent
Steven Mark Glendenning Electrical Estimator
George Richard Goad General Project Manager
Roger R. Godin Electrical Estimator
Paul J. Gogan General Project Manager
Donald D. Goodine Mechanical Project Manager
Thomas Goodine

Joseph Howard Gould General Superintendent
Gerry Gray
Construction Safety Coordinator
L.R. Green General Project Manager
Linden Green Electrical Superintendent
Richard O. Green Sheet Metal Superintendent
Roger R. Greene General Superintendent
Joseph Greer General Project Manager
Michael Greer

Gary Elmer Griffiths General Superintendent
Lou Gulka
Construction Safety Coordinator
Larry Gullison General Project Manager
Morgan B. Gunter General Project Manager


Ermel Hachey Roadbuilding Superintendent
Paul Hachey

Wallace Floyd Haines Electrical Superintendent
Christian Hall General Project Manager
Richard J. Hambrook Mechanical Superintendent
Clyde E. Hamilton General Project Manager
Laurence E. Hare Mechanical Estimator
Richard A. Harley Roadbuilding Project Manager
Steven M. Harrison Electrical Project Manager
Thomas F. Hayes General Superintendent
Joshua Heagney
Construction Safety Coordinator
Stephen Hearn

Benoit P. Hebert General Superintendent
Jacques Hebert Owner's Project Manager
Kate Hemming General Estimator
Granville S. Henderson General Estimator
Michelle Hennessey General Project Manager
Rick Hetherington Electrical Project Manager
John Hickey General Superintendent
John Hickey General Superintendent
Patrick Hickey General Project Manager
Todd Michael Hicks General Project Manager
Mike Higgins Door/Wind/Glaze Project Manager
Peter J. Higgins Roadbuilding Project Manager
Charles Hodgson Electrical Superintendent
John Hoekman General Superintendent
Patrick Holland General Superintendent
William J.K. Holland General Project Manager
George Horsman Electrical Superintendent
Christopher Mark Hovey General Estimator
Merrill R. Howland General Project Manager
Douglas R. Hyslop General Superintendent


Lawrence A. Jackson Electrical Superintendent
Michael Paul Jardine Roadbuilding Superintendent
Wayne G. Jarvis General Superintendent
John Jayner General Project Manager
Robert J. Jeffrey Electrical Superintendent
Blaine J. Jenkins Electrical Superintendent
Donald Clark Johnson Mechanical Project Manager
Luke Johnson General Project Manager
Bob Jonah Specialty Trade Estimator
Frederick D. Jones General Superintendent
Joseph Richard Jones Masonry Project Manager


Jay F. Keenan General Superintendent
J. William Kelly General Superintendent
Kyle Kelly
Michael W. Kelly General Project Manager
Patrick Kelly General Project Manager
Garry Kelson Painting Project Manager
J.A. (Jeff) Kennedy

Roger Kenny General Superintendent
Darrell E. Kilpatrick General Estimator
Rodney G. Kilpatrick General Superintendent
David King General Superintendent
Robert King

Robert Kirkbride Electrical Superintendent
Margaret-Ann L. Knorr General Project Manager
Rodney W. Krolouski General Superintendent


Michel Légère
Project Manager
Gaetan Laforge Roadbuilding Superintendent
Adrien G. Landry Electrical Superintendent
Jean-Claude Landry Concrete Formwk Superintendent
Jeannot Landry Specialty Trade Project Manager
Louis C. Landry Concrete Formwk Project Manager
Medard Landry Electrical Superintendent
Michel F. Landry Mechanical Superintendent
Peter D. Landry Electrical Estimator
Roger T. Landry Sheet Metal Estimator
Sylvio Landry Mechanical Superintendent
Terry Adrien Landry Electrical Project Manager
Michael J. Lanteigne General Superintendent
Michael R. Larlee General Superintendent
Hugues Lavoie
Construction Safety Coordinator
Joshua Lawrence General Project Manager
Roger Le Blanc General Superintendent
Wayne O. Leavitt General Superintendent
Adrice LeBlanc Electrical Superintendent
Daniel Leblanc General Project Manager
Guillaume LeBlanc

Jean Marc LeBlanc Fire Protection Project Manager
Marc LeBlanc General Project Manager
Medard LeBlanc Air Balancing Superintendent
Mike LeBlanc Sheet Metal Project Manager
Paul E. LeBlanc General Project Manager
Paul L. LeBlanc Electrical Superintendent
Rachelle Leblanc
Construction Safety Coordinator
Rene R. LeBlanc General Project Manager
Serge LeBlanc

Steve Leblanc General Project Manager
Steven A. Leblanc
Construction Safety Coordinator
Scott Ledoux Mechanical Project Manager
Jeff Leech Mechanical Project Manager
Joe Legault General Superintendent
Gerald J. Leger General Superintendent
Ron J. Leger Struct. Steel Project Manager
Stephen Leger General Project Manager
Robert Legere Mechanical Project Manager
Louis F.A.M. Lendorf General Superintendent
Rino Levesque Controls(Elec/Mech) Project Manager
Theodore Levesque General Project Manager
Perry R. Lewis General Project Manager
Charles Lindsay General Superintendent
Clifford B. Lirette Electrical Superintendent
Leon Lirette Roofing Superintendent
Luc Lirette
Owner's Construction Manager
James Hamilton Liston General Estimator
Glen Little General Superintendent
John Richard Lockhart Electrical Project Manager
J. Donald London General Superintendent
Ronald Lord General Project Manager
Billy Losier General Superintendent
Wilfred Losier General Superintendent
Douglas H. Lutes General Estimator
Peter A. Lynch General Superintendent


Myles A. MacCallum General Superintendent
Dennis L. MacDonald General Project Manager
Everett L. MacDonald Roadbuilding Superintendent
Shawn Fraser MacDonald Roadbuilding Superintendent
Stephen W. MacDonald Roadbuilding Superintendent
Tabatha D. MacGregor Controls(Elec/Mech) Estimator
Gregory James MacKinnon Landscaping Project Manager
Neil H. MacLellan Mechanical Superintendent
Robert MacLennan Electrical Superintendent
Frederick A. MacLeod General Superintendent
Jeremiah MacLeod General Estimator
Bradley Macmullin

Stephen J. MacNeil Tile/Terr./Marble Superintendent
Albert MacWilliams Electrical Project Manager
W. Laurie Makenney General Project Manager
Robert E. Mallet Electrical Project Manager
Marco Marsh General Superintendent
Danny Martell General Estimator
Derek Martell Roadbuilding Superintendent
George Martin Electrical Project Manager
Guy A. Martin General Superintendent
Jim Martin Municipal Services Project Manager
Kenneth M. Martin Mechanical Project Manager
Serge Martin General Project Manager
Gerald Mattsson General Project Manager
Matthew Mazerall General Superintendent
Daniel Mazerolle Electrical Estimator
Donald R. McAleer Mechanical Project Manager
Beverly J. McAllister Finish Carp/Millwork Project Manager
Stephen D. McAllister General Project Manager
Bradley McCabe General Project Manager
Donald A. McCabe General Project Manager
Richard J. McCarthy General Superintendent
John McDonald General Project Manager
John McDonald General Project Manager
Robert B. McGee Mechanical Estimator
Robert W. McGinn Roofing Project Manager
Stephane McGraw General Project Manager
Michael McGuire General Superintendent
Dwayne Mcintyre

Gregory J. McKay General Estimator
Brent McKenna

Sterling E. McKinley Mechanical Superintendent
Denis C. McLaughlin General Superintendent
Denis W. McLaughlin General Superintendent
Matthew McLaughlin

Robert McNamara Insulation Estimator
Michael McPhee General Estimator
Terence McPhee Electrical Project Manager
Robert McQuinn General Estimator
Karen McVicar Electrical Project Manager
Frederick R.H. McWilliam General Estimator
Trevor William Megarity General Project Manager
Eloi Melanson Sheet Metal Superintendent
Guy J. Melanson Millwork Estimator
Sifroi Melanson Masonry Project Manager
Gordon T. Melvin General Project Manager
Salvatore Mercuri Tile/Terr./Marble Project Manager
Lloyd Merriam
Construction Safety Coordinator
Mark Metallic

Claude R. Michaud General Superintendent
Guy A. Michaud General Superintendent
Peter G. Michels General Superintendent
Derek R. Millar General Project Manager
Shauna Miller General Estimator
Brad Mills Electrical Project Manager
David Mills General Superintendent
Terrence J. Milton Concrete Formwk Project Manager
Gordon Mitton General Superintendent
Philip Mitton Specialty Trade Estimator
William Robert Montford Masonry Project Manager
Brian D. Moore Fencing/Guard Rail Project Manager
Gerard Morency General Superintendent
Cliff Morin General Superintendent
Carl Morrell Electrical Project Manager
Ryan Morton General Superintendent
Kevin Chris Mosher Fire Protection Superintendent
Edward D. Mosley Masonry Superintendent
Scott A. Mugridge General Estimator
Victor Murty Ind. Equipment Project Manager
Robert Gary Myles Finished Hardware Estimator


Robert Nason

Walter A. Neal Drywall/Acoustic Superintendent
Bruce Evans Newman General Project Manager
Carl H. Newman Mechanical Estimator
Mohammed Ishaque Noory General Project Manager
John J. Nowlan Roofing Project Manager
John Noye Petroleum Installations Superintendent
Russ Noye Petroleum Installations Project Manager
Carl Nunes Concrete Restoration Project Manager


Daniel O'Donnell

Richard Omond General Project Manager
Henri J. Ostiguy Controls(Elec/Mech) Estimator
Denis R. Ouellette General Project Manager


Vernon Anthony Painting Fire Protection Superintendent
Brent Parker General Estimator
Bryan O. Parker Sheet Metal Superintendent
Michael Parker

Peter Parnell General Estimator
Michel Paulin General Project Manager
David E. Peacock General Project Manager
William J. Pellerin General Project Manager
Sophie Perron General Project Manager
Corey Peterson Roadbuilding Project Manager
Jesse Peterson
Construction Safety Coordinator
Alfred R. Petrossie General Superintendent
David J. Phillips General Superintendent
Tanner Phillips

Kurt Phinney General Project Manager
Rino Picard Electrical Estimator
Alex Pitre
Construction Safety Coordinator
Désiré Poirier Mechanical Superintendent
Sebastien Poirier
Owner's Construction Manager
Shelley T. Poirier
Construction Safety Coordinator
Adam Pollock

Samuel Pollock Specialty Trade Superintendent
James Power
Construction Safety Coordinator
David G. Proctor Electrical Estimator


Ian Robert Randall General Superintendent
Dennis Archie Renton Electrical Estimator
John Henry Rice General Project Manager
Bernard Richard Electrical Superintendent
Felix A. Richard Electrical Project Manager
Paul J.V. Richard General Superintendent
Rejean Richard Roofing Estimator
Ronald Richard Specialty Trade Superintendent
Sterling Edward Richardson Mechanical Superintendent
Emery Robert Struct. Steel Superintendent
R. Eric Roberts Scaffolding Project Manager
Elide Robichaud Sheet Metal Superintendent
Jean-Louis Robichaud Electrical Superintendent
Matthew Robichaud

Roger Robichaud General Superintendent
Serge Robichaud General Project Manager
Brooks A. Robinson Roadbuilding Project Manager
James W. Rossiter Drywall/Acoustic Estimator
Jean Roussel Electrical Project Manager
Eugene S. Roy Painting Project Manager
Martin L. Roy Mechanical Superintendent
Norbert Roy General Superintendent
Norman Roy General Superintendent
Michelle ( Shelly) Rupp
Construction Safety Coordinator


Francesco Santostefano Petroleum Installations Superintendent
David R. Sarchfield Electrical Project Manager
Bernard A. Saulnier Electrical Project Manager
Gerald Saulnier Finish Carp/Millwork Project Manager
Irenee Saulnier General Project Manager
Lyle Saunders Masonry Estimator
Claude F. Savoie General Project Manager
Marilou Savoie General Project Manager
William Henry Schenkels General Project Manager
Steven A. Scott General Project Manager
Ashley K. Seamans Electrical Superintendent
Peter J. Sentell General Project Manager
Darren Shaw
Construction Safety Coordinator
Mark D. Shephard
Kerry Sheppard
Construction Safety Coordinator
John Sherwood General Project Manager
Scott Sherwood General Superintendent
Kenneth Edward Sloat Electrical Project Manager
Michael E. Smith Mechanical Project Manager
W. Douglas T. Smith Electrical Project Manager
Gerald A. Snodgrass Mechanical Superintendent
Kirk Somers
Owner's Construction Manager
Gilles L. Sonier General Superintendent
Lise Soucoup Electrical Estimator
Bryan Soucy Electrical Project Manager
Craig Sparks Electrical Project Manager
John E. Sparks General Project Manager
Sherry Sparks
Owner's Construction Manager
Ryan J. Steele General Superintendent
Lorne Steeves General Superintendent
Regan C. Steeves General Project Manager
Terrance R. Steeves Mechanical Project Manager
Winston Peter Steeves General Estimator
Barak W. Stevens Electrical Superintendent
Christopher Earl Stevens Controls(Elec/Mech) Project Manager
Robert L. Stevenson Mechanical Superintendent
Terrence F. Stevenson Roofing Estimator
Travis Stevenson

Bradley Stewart General Superintendent
Darrell W. Stewart
Owner's Construction Manager
Jeremy Stewart General Project Manager
Paul Stewart

Robert S. Stewart Electrical Superintendent
Cliff Stratton Electrical Project Manager
Robert Streatch
Owner's Construction Manager
Jeff Strickland General Project Manager
David Sturgeon General Project Manager
Austin Sutton Drywall/Acoustic Superintendent


Thane Tapley Specialty Trade Superintendent
Gary H. Taylor
Owner's Construction Manager
J. William Taylor General Project Manager
Murray G. Teed Electrical Superintendent
J. Brian Tennant
Construction Safety Coordinator
Guy J. Thériault Controls(Elec/Mech) Project Manager
Eric Theriault Struct. Steel Superintendent
Joey Thibodeau Roadbuilding Superintendent
Keith J. Thomas General Project Manager
Christopher Thompson Mechanical Estimator
John F. Thorpe General Superintendent
Barrie A. Tomilson General Project Manager
Daniel Toner Electrical Superintendent
Barry M. Totten Roadbuilding Superintendent
Steve Totten General Superintendent
Steve L. Totten General Superintendent
David William Tozer General Project Manager
John R. Trebble Mechanical Project Manager


UNDERHILL Shirley A. Road Building Superintendent
URQUHART Cory General Project Manager
URQUHART David R. Sheet Metal Superintendent

Edward L. Vail General Project Manager
Andre Vautour General Project Manager
Carl J. Vautour General Superintendent
Daniel J. Vautour General Project Manager
Troy Vautour Mechanical Estimator
Michael R. Verner Electrical Project Manager
Gerald L. Vickers Mechanical Superintendent
Peeter Vihvelin General Estimator


Michael Waddell General Project Manager
Michael D. Waddell General Estimator
John Wagstaff

Richard Alan Walker General Project Manager
Peter James Ward General Superintendent
James D. Weston General Project Manager
Douglas G. White Electrical Estimator
Kirk White General Project Manager
Terry J. White
Construction Safety Coordinator
Wayne Brent White General Superintendent
Winston E. White General Project Manager
David W. Wilkins Mechanical Superintendent
John E. Williams Mechanical Superintendent
Richard C. Williston General Project Manager
Christopher Wilson Electrical Project Manager
Douglas W. Wilson Electrical Project Manager
Duane L. Wright Sheet Metal Superintendent
Kendall Wright Roadbuilding Project Manager
Harry Wynberg Landscaping Project Manager


Dean Yeomans Electrical Project Manager
Jason Young General Superintendent
Paul N. Young General Superintendent
William J. Young Masonry Project Manager