CANB releases a new Strategic Plan

Led by Resonance Inc, and after four months of consultation and planning with the CANB board and membership, CANB is happy to release their new three-year strategic plan. To view the plan, please click here.


The Construction Association of New Brunswick Inc. (CANB) is organized and structured as a federation of associations:

  • CANB – Moncton Northeast
  • CANB – Fredericton Northwest
  • CANB – Saint John
  • Electrical Contractors Association of New Brunswick
  • Landscape New Brunswick Horticultural Trades Association
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of New Brunswick
  • New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association
  • Masonry Industry Association of Atlantic Canada
  • New Brunswick Merit Contractors Association
  • New Brunswick Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association
  • Architects’ Association of New Brunswick
  • Association of Consulting Engineering Companies NB
  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of NB

CANB is designed to perform a coordinating function for reaching consensus and to effectively present the Industry’s collective views to various client groups, particularly to relevant departments and agencies of the provincial government. The Province of New Brunswick has long recognized CANB as the official and reputable voice of the industrial/commercial/institutional building sector of the construction industry.

The degree to which CANB is able to attain its main goal is dependent upon the aspirations and the collective will of its member associations. The associations control the decision-making process and direction of CANB’s efforts through their respective representatives on the CANB Board.

CANB must attempt to ensure that any of its commitments, undertakings and/or actions are representative of the majority views and wishes of its member associations. This is necessary to satisfy the various regional and specialty constituency interests and is essential to CANB’s continuing credibility.

CANB has worked hard to achieve its current status of being recognized as the voice of the industry, on matters of broad significance within our province. Its member associations help to strengthen this position by continued co-operation.

CANB has played a lead-role, sponsored or participated in the following organizations or committees on behalf of the industry:

  • Canadian Construction Association (CCA)
  • Operation of the Bid Depository
  • CANB Trade Contractors Council
  • CANB General Contractors Council
  • New Brunswick Employers Coalition
  • Gold Seal Certification Program
  • CI-Netv
  • MOU Committee – Dept. of Training & Employment Development
  • Joint Government Industry Committee
  • New Brunswick Construction Safety Association
  • WHSCC Board of Directors – Representative TBA
  • Quarterly meetings with federal and provincial departments and agencies
  • Building Code and Inspection Review Committee
  • Skills Canada & Youth Coordinator Partnership
  • Canadian Construction Sector Council — LMI Committee
  • Wage Gap Action Committee
  • NB/PEI Electronic Plansroom
  • Apprenticeship & Certification
  • Building For The Future