Attention Teachers and Students!
We think we have found great resources in these links.
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Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour:

Anything you need to know about accessing apprentice programs in NB, Trades occupations and labour market information

Build Force Canada:

A great website for career planning and labour market information. The greatest feature is you can access Labour Market information by provinces and get some specific details about NB.

The New Brunswick Merit Contractors Association:

Did you know they have scholarships available for graduates entering an apprenticeship program or attending a post-secondary program in the Trades? Please contact them for more details.

Executive Council Office/ Women’s Equality Branch:

The women’s equality branch has some fantastic resources for young women interested in working in the trades such as information on their ‘Trades & Tech gala for Girls, designed to introduce young women in high schools to the skilled trades and technology sectors and to female mentors who are currently working or studying in a related career field.
Or some great information about their scholarship program intended to encourage and support women and men pursuing a nontraditional career in a NB college.